A New Start

A close up of a piece of paper. It reads, "Act One: Scene One"
Photo by Kind and Curious / Unsplash

Hi! I'm Sam, welcome to my blog!

You may notice that it's a bit empty around here. I started it a year ago when I had just finished one of those projects where I had to do a lot of digging to figure stuff out on my own; nobody had done quite what I'd wanted to do yet, apparently. You can go read my write-up about it, if you'd like:

Integrating Utility Meters in Home Assistant with rtl_amr
In experimenting with an SDR, I stumbled upon broadcasts from my utility meters and successfully integrated them with Home Assistant.

It's... fine. It's a bit out of date and I should really update it with things that I've learned. Sometime. But after that I just got overwhelmed by what am I going to write next and haven't posted anything in a year. Whoops.

Anyways, I'm trying to start this up again! I got inspired by my friend Brooke starting their own newsletter as well as the occasional blog post that surfaces on Hacker News about why everyone should blog for various reasons.

A few years ago my parents asked me to start occasionally sending them videos because they wanted to know what I was doing spending so long on YouTube, or something like that. Because I can never just do something the normal way, I didn't just start texting them videos every once in a while because that would be too easy. Instead, for whatever reason, I thought "I should start a newsletter!" And so I did. I posted it 12 times. I'm still proud of it and it's still available. My favorite is still the post about Boston Dynamics:

The Humans Behind Boston Dynamics’ Robots
You see Boston Dynamics’ robot videos floating around the internet, but you don’t often see the people behind these incredible feats of engineering.

This blog will sort of be a rejuvenation of that, while also forking the style of Tom Scott's newsletter - a weekly collection of the articles, videos, and other random things that I find interesting on the Internet. I'm planning on posting weekly on Saturdays, but that might change.