About this site

Hi! I'm Sam, welcome to my blog!

You may notice that it's a bit empty around here. I started it a year ago when I had just finished one of those projects where I had to do a lot of digging to figure stuff out on my own; nobody had done quite what I'd wanted to do yet, apparently. You can go read my write-up about it, if you'd like:

Integrating Utility Meters in Home Assistant with rtl_amr
In experimenting with an SDR, I stumbled upon broadcasts from my utility meters and successfully integrated them with Home Assistant.

After that I just got overwhelmed by what am I going to write next and haven't posted anything in a year. Whoops.

I'm trying to start it up again! Go read the full post (coming soon) for the backstory of this site and why I decided to start again!

Joining is completely free and I promise not to spam you too much. :)